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Bathroom Faucet Ideas

Who thought there could be such a huge variety of faucets out there. Before this post when I thought faucet I thought of the one in my bathroom that is so outdated and uncool. And who really knows how hold it is, but I am pretty sure they don’t make this style anymore.

[Nice backsplash right? it blends right into the counter and sink!]

The reason that I may think it’s uncool could be the fact that it’s broken, but I am still deciding. It could also be when I am trying to pull on the plastic (that isn’t really attached by the way, it just helps give us a little bit of grip to pry it open to let the water out and it’s got some force to it) and when all you want to do is wash your hands or wet your toothbrush or wash your face, all it want’s to do is tear your flesh off.

It could be time to get a new one! Like some of these I found:


I am really into the modern look. Clean, straight lines.


This one above could work well for a kitchen too I suppose. For the bathroom it might help with rinsing down the mouthwash that gets stuck to the sides of the sink or easy rinsing when cleaning.


It’s just so pretty. I’m not sure how helpful the digital temperature gauge would be to me, I find it easier to feel the water to tell if it scorching hot or just right.


The designer name is Graff and I read Giraffe. So now all I can think about is how much this faucet above reminds me of a giraffe. I really think this one is incredible, even if it does remind me of a long necked animal.



How much more simple can you get? And all you have to do to turn the water on is do what?! It apparently has touch sensors that allow you to control the temperature and the water pressure quick and easily. The post that this faucet is linked to says when describing this stylish piece, “This faucet makes the old ones look like a piece of junk…”

….I think that comment may be sorta true.