DIY Home Projects

Welcome to the world of DIY! Thanks to some helpers (like Pinterest) everyone is trying to get on board with all the DIY projects. In case you didn’t know, DIY stands for “do it yourself”… I thought I’d explain, because I saw this abbreviation everywhere and had no clue what it meant. So if you were/are like me I thought I would save you the hassle of Googling what it meant. Your welcome.

I bet you could find a DIY tutorial of anything… and I really do mean ANYTHING. I have attempted some of these myself and have succeeded, but then I have also greatly failed on others. I’m trying to figure out a way to ease my way in to what I am trying to talk about in this post, but I’m not sure it’s working… I thought I would list some DIY HOME projects that I found. DIY is (most times) cheaper than paying a professional to come in and do it for you. It’s a great way to get the handyman/woman out of you. You may never know just how talented you are in this area… until you try!

Let me first talk to all of you smart phone, smart pad, or anyone that’s a fan of a good app users out there! Did you know there are home improvement apps out there? It makes projects a lot easier when you can SEE the work rather than read an instruction manual. There are apps like, DIY to Go – this app has video clips from the DIY Network and full episodes from your favorite DIY Network shows! There’s also a Home Depot  and Handy Man DIY app and more!

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I have rounded up a few of my favorite DIY home projects from a post I fount called Your Best DIY Projects of 2012!

A great book shelf using kitchen cabinets!

And here is another built in bookcase using kitchen cabinets for the base.

DIY Old Barn Door

Barn doors are really huge right now, so why not try and make one yourself? This person made theirs all under 10 bucks!

How to Install Faux Beams

Awesome headboard!

A Family Room Makeover

Stacked wooden crates as a cabinet

Painted wood floors

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