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I have never had a nice organized home office before. It is always the last place on my mind to even think of to organize or even make look nice. In our first place we had an old beat up desk, in the spare bedroom/junk room, that I think we found for free on the side of the road – and it served it’s purpose as a spot to set up the computer as well as a place to throw all the random papers and whatnot. It really just looks like a junky corner. Now the place we live had a built in desk, so now it’s just a junky corner. I am determined for our next home (which should be our very first house – no more rentals!) that I (we) will make a nice office. I have already been searching on Pinterest for some nice, organized, simple, stylish home office spaces. I think it would be pretty awesome to make it big enough to work on projects, art and whatever else.


This office is amazing! It would probably be super hard to make an office like this. The tall ceilings and unique windows for sure add to as well as make this office what it is. Lot’s of natural light and tons of storage.

Modern home office

Maybe I am just super attracted to vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light. This office is really nice. I think it’s got a more modern feel to it. It wouldn’t hurt to add even more book shelves and storage.


Go big! This has got another great amount of storage space and all around space. It looks clean and well put together. This is probably an office that will only be in my dreams.

Maybe most of these offices are unlikely for most, but glorious, so I found some more offices that may be a little more reasonable for some of us that have much smaller space to work with.

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Turn a closet into an office! I found lots of other closet offices over here.

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