Tree Houses

When picturing a tree house, typically we go on thinking of a little play house for the kids or maybe it’s something like the Swiss Family Robinson’s Treehouse that is built in an oversized tree with rope bridges and are made of grass roofs. I can’t imagine having to find a tree house plan. I mean, it’s probably hard enough trying to find the perfect house plan, but for a tree house… every single tree is a different shape and size and you probably have to make room for adjustments, because trees are living things and that means they might have some growing left to do. I imagine lots of people make up their own plans. So when you are out on your Sunday walk and you see the house with the big tree and the 2×4 wood boards piled up and starting to corrode, just waiting to be nailed together into a magnificent tree house – don’t judge them.

Tree houses are fascinating and creative and can bring us closer to nature. Every tree house is unique and maybe that’s why they are so fascinating. So backtracking a little, when we think of a typical tree house, we will most likely picture a cute little house in that great big tree out in the back yard – maybe we forget logs come from trees too and this makes ideas for building a tree house even more endless. Like for example this “tea house built too high” is built on tree logs harvested from a local mountain in Japan:

“This allowed him to situate the building where he wanted it and to fully integrate the “trees” with the building they are supporting (since they will not grow over time).” 

Hopefully it doesn’t sway in the wind. Maybe it’s easier to go more with this route, but I think it’s okay to build it closer to the ground – especially if it’s for your kids.


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