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Garage Ideas

Garages can be overlooked so easily, because well… let’s be honest they can be a little boring. It’s basically just made to have a place for your car or in some cases, a lot of your junk. And lot’s of times garages are built right in the very front of the house. Everyone’s first sight of the house is a big giant door or two. Which isn’t always a bad thing, but I think lots of people like the look of the house and have the garage hidden or in the background, rather than right dead center in the front. At least I do. I found some great designs to make a garage better!

(Architects Northwest)

Like this picture above shows a great way to hide a garage OR to make sure it’s not the first thing your guests see on your great looking house – is to have the garage in the basement!



Maybe this is a little funny, but my actual first thought was “how cool!”. This is for the person that really hates the look of a garage anywhere! It’s totally hidden. It might be confusing to a guest stopping by and knocking on a garage door, but that just means you fooled them! Nobody knows you have a garage!

Here is another garage to consider if you like the idea of “not appearing to have a garage” type look…

(Pop-up Garage)

It’s probably a great space saver. You can park a car on top too!

This next idea I think every single person should do to their garage. This makes the floor look so much nicer and cleaner. It will probably make you want to deep clean and organize.

(My Concrete Makeover)

It’s called Partial Chip Epoxy Garage Floor. It’s supposed to make an easier clean up and keep from dragging dirt into your home. I think it looks awesome. If you like this idea, you can also consider doing a custom design garage. Maybe something like this…

(Cecy J)

Part garage, part man cave.


Something more like this…

(Garage Flooring Inc)