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{Piet Hein Eek – Scrapwood Wallpaper}

I think wallpaper is coming back into style like nobody’s business. You can find pretty much any style of wallpaper possible. I mean, look at the one above – it’s wood for crying out loud! If it didn’t say scrap wood wallpaper, I know I would have figured it was just a really cool wood wall. Some reasons I have found why people are going with wallpaper now over anything else out there is because:

1. The number one reason I would say is of course the variety! You can find any color or design in wallpaper. Yeah I know there are lots of designs to paint on a wall with the professional painting tape and such, but lets be honest not everybody likes to take the time to paint a wall with designs. And even if you are willing to paint the design, the options of designs are limited. I don’t even like painting a solid color on the wall. Props to those of you that do! With wallpaper the designs are never ending.

2. The rest of this list is in no particular order – Another thing wallpaper is good for, some people say, is that wallpaper can cover up or disguise the uneven surfaces, dents, or cracks some walls may have.

3. Wallpaper is easy! – Well easier than other walls. And when things are easy it saves you time and even money.

4. Wallpaper can bring out your personality. This one kind of goes along with number 1, because you can find any design, pattern or what I like to call a common noun style wallpaper (person, place, thing). I don’t really call wallpaper that, I actually just made that up. But it’s true, you can find any type of wallpaper to bring out your style, interest or hobby. This could be a really cool idea, or it could also turn into a disaster. I’m sure you have seen some nasty wallpaper in the past, I know I have.

5. Wallpaper can change the entire look of a room. Some styles can make a room look bigger and maybe even brighten or soften it up a bit.

The trend of Wallpaper has come and gone and come back again. You can make wallpaper on a wall look truly amazing, but be careful because there is some wallpaper out there that should have never come to pass.


I love that there are a million and one ideas for counter tops. Well maybe not that exact number, but even still there are a ton of options. And this goes for every counter in the home – kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, craft room, whatever you can think up. I think I have become a die hard fan of the cement counter tops, the stone stuff like granite and quartz… and the butcher block wood, just to name a few. There are more like marble, limestone, slate, lava rock, turquoise, the sweet classic laminate, tile, and stainless steel. But wait just a second! The list isn’t over yet… I just found out that people are even painting their old counter tops to jazz them up a bit for a heck of a lot cheaper than replacing them all. So you see, like I said before, there is pretty much a million and one ideas to choose from to make your counters elegant, formal, casual, sleek, contemporary, or colorful and fun!

From Laminate all the way to the natural stone like Granite. Laminate being the cheapest way to go, there are a ton of colors and patterns, but these counter tops aren’t very durable like the others listed. Granite being heavy duty enough to hold the heat and withstand what whatever it is you have going on in your kitchen, but this material can get a little pricy. All the counter materials I listed have great looks, but there are some downs like high maintenance, scratching, smearing of finger prints, and staining, but with tender love and care there are no worries! With research you can find exactly what will work for you and your situation. Whether you have a family and need some type of counter to put up with all the bangs and stains, or you have a life where you have all the time in the world and means to take the time to keep you counters looking as nice as the first time they were installed.


backsplash ideas

I think it’s super interesting that there are like a gazillion different back-splash designs, colors, textures… I can’t even begin to tell you how many styles I have seen just by searching back splash ideas. I have found tons on Google and Pinterest and I am sure there are some that I have yet to see. Anyway, I just thought it would be interesting to show the different kinds of back splashes I have found. The most popular is probably tile. And I LOVE the tile, especially with a great looking granite or that awesome looking quarts counter top. There are all kinds of varieties of tile and that can be an overwhelming task if tile is in fact what you are searching for. Square, round, rectangle, hexagon, octagon, triangle, small, big, tiny, big, small and tiny – puzzle pieced together, and there is always the unique shape category. Like I said there are like a gazillion options and I have only started talking about tile shapes…

Tiny square tile/ Hexagon shape/ Tiny and long rectangle tile/ Subway tile/ Round tile/ Different size rectangular tile.

As you can see, tile isn’t the only kind of back splash you could choose from. The other types of back splash ideas I found and/or have seen are as follows, a full on solid metal back splash, glass, ceramic, wood, concrete, porcelain, brick, tin, rock/pebbles. Check out the super unique back splash ideas (shown above) like the really cool design made of broken china dishes, one made of pennies, and another that is chalkboard!

Back splashes totally help give character to the home and helps show off your style! I’m sure there are still a gazillion other styles of tile and other material in all kinds of shapes, colors, designs. The ideas for a back splash are endless.