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Recycled House:

Can you guess what the main material this house is made of? It struck my interest when I saw it for the first time, for sure. It’s made from recycled wood pallets and shipping containers! This house was designed by Chilean architects and construction firm Infiniski and made in Curacavi, Chile. The Recycled Eco house by the Chilean Architects was built from already made material, which allows the construction to move quickly, make the home more cost-effective (which is always a huge plus), and provide sustainability. Reading this post, explains that it was built from two 40 feet and two 20 feet re-purposed shipping containers and recycled wooden pallets that surround the entire exterior of the home. They go on to say that the wood pallets are not just for the look and feel, and we can all see by the photographs it’s definitely a cool and interesting look, but the pallets also provide shade which gives natural cooling and ventilation to the entire home. The recycled home offers comfortable and simple style rooms which feature sliding floor-to-ceiling windows. You can’t go wrong with great big windows that allow the room to appear much larger than say a room with tiny windows or perhaps not at all. The interior’s open concept with glass walls and the outdoor is sheltered by an awning which welcomes entertaining any guests or just as perfect for family. The house also includes geothermal heat pumps for heating as well as cooling.

A Spiral Dome Style Home

This is quite a bit different than the posts you have seen or probably will see on here. I just thought this style was really interesting. It’s called a Spiral Dome Style home, designed by Owen Geiger. It’s basically built to reduce the cost of housing. And it looks awesome too! The description of his design was described as “almost Hobbit like”, which I agree; I thought the exact same thing when I first saw the style before even reading the description and thoughts. Most plans that Owen designs are less than 1,000 square feet because it easily cuts the cost. It’s a perfect size to live comfortable. He describes the materials he recommends for the home: earth bag walls filled with soil or insulation, earth-berming for improved energy performance, earth or lime plaster, roof options such as domes, spiral roofs, green roofs, poles, pallet trusses, metal roofing for collecting rainwater etc. And for the insulation for the roofs: cellulose, wool, cotton or rice hulls. Recycled materials such as tubs, sinks, hardware, tile etc., the floors he recommended tamped earth floor, stone or recycled brick which saves a lot of money. For heat, wood stoves. Solar equipment is also recommended such as solar panels and solar water heaters. Owen also recommends energy efficient windows, doors and appliances.

Floor Plan for Spiral Dome Magic 1

Floor Plan for Spiral Dome Magic 2


Can you see why it’s called a spiral dome? I am glad that he inserted furniture to kind of get an idea how things could look. I wouldn’t have known how to arrange furniture with round walls. It looks great! There are 2 different styles here. The only things I’m not liking so much in these 2 designs are where the pantry is located in the Magic 2 plan, I would like to see it more accessible from the kitchen, and in the Magic 1 plan, I don’t understand what the extra table and chair room is to the left of the kitchen.  The living roof is a cool feature and there are exposed timber ceilings. I was picturing this home to be kind of dark, but after reading the features, there is lots of light provided by the window wall next to the grow bed, window and door glazing, and suntubes.  Owen Geiger designs are described in an inviting way and I can picture this being a perfect summer home!

European Style

House Plan #132-168

I went on a drive with family the other day and we looked at all kinds of Luxury homes/condos and they were so cool to look at, even though it was only from the outside. I wish we could have seen the inside of some of them. I think Luxury homes are definitely some of the funnest to look at as well as walk through if you get the chance. There are so many unique and interesting designs that these homes offer. This luxury European style home is exactly one of those styles to back me up.

The main level of this home I found includes a family room, the kitchen, a nook, dining room, living room, den, and of course the garage to fit 3 cars. What I like most about this style is that it features vaulted ceilings and a rotunda design, which basically is a round floor plan shown below. All of the rooms are placed around this circular ground plan.

The kitchen includes and island and a nice size butlers pantry. It leads into the nook/breakfast area and on the other side, the dining room. The living room area is connected to the dining room and across from the foyer is the den or office, it would make a nice library. There is also a half bathroom off from the rotunda, in the center of all the house, easy access from any room on the main level.

Upstairs and to the sharp left is the Master Suite. It features walk- in his and her closets and then leads to the master bathroom. I can imagine there are big windows in there that bring in lots of natural light. Before the master bedroom there is an open area that you could spy down in the family room from above. The rotunda area is open as well. This home includes a bonus room, which could be a game room for the kids, and a Guest Suite, that includes it’s own bathroom. Could be used for a teen’s room. The loft upstairs is so neat! You can see it in the picture from the front of the house with great big windows. On either side of the loft includes 2 bedrooms, full bathroom, and the utility room. Upstairs laundry where all the bedrooms are. Great idea!

I like using my imagination to come up with my own ideas just fine don’t get me wrong, but if I could just do a walk through and see this in real life, I would be super pleased and satisfied.

A Comfortable House

House Plan #453-9

Lot’s of house plans I have seen lately have the garages right in the front. Which is convenient I’m sure, but as long as I can remember I loved the idea of a breezeway leading to a hidden garage in the back. Then people could walk or drive around the back and see a luscious garden. As you can see in the picture above, the 2 garage is in the back. The master suite and laundry area/mud room share the covered porch. I wouldn’t mind the covered porch wrap around the house. Inside the master bathroom is the walk in closet, which is a great idea. The kitchen is in a great spot right where it is, and I think it would be sweet to include great big windows throughout the kitchen to let in as much light as possible. Maybe knock out a wall to make the pantry a nice big walk in pantry. The simple half bath between the kitchen and dining room provides convenience for guests. The dining room shares the kitchen with a snack bar and it looks like it has doors that lead to the front porch. It could be great for a party and then people can come right in to where all the snacks and desserts would be. Or it would be refreshing to let all that pleasant spring or summer air come inside and join family dinner.

This plan is perfect for a family of 5. If you take a look at the picture below, we will take a walk upstairs. There are 3 bedrooms upstairs. 2 of the rooms share a bathroom, I think I have heard people call those Jack and Jill bathrooms. And then the other room has it’s own bathroom, maybe for an teenager.

I really think this house plan is great. With the large gathering room, kitchen and bedrooms, this home is welcoming to guests and comfortable for a small family of 5.




The idea of delicate natural colors and simple designs are warm and inviting to me. It makes me want to go out on the porch and put my feet up and enjoy the fresh air while sipping lemonade while listening to the birds chirp.

A cottage style home, like this one says just that to me all the way! On the wrap around porch, you could put a nice swing or some furniture to relax and enjoy the fresh air. I also love the blue color and white trim. Perfect for a small family.

As for the interior, what about light colors?

Like this office that someone transformed an old room to, from Simply Kelly Blog. A light green against brown and white. Can’t go wrong with white. It goes with everything!

Or how about just white with really natural and light colors?

What can you say about this kitchen and dining area? Nothing wrong about it. Everything blends perfectly. The light wood floor, the white bar stools and the gray chairs, the white counter tops and shelves. I think its marvelous! Found here.

As long as we are talking white, check out this simple white bedroom …

From: French Larkspur. The boarded walls and floors are white. The boards make the room interesting and the design is cozy and refreshing. The touch of gray along with a few plants are a nice touch.

Nude is also a great color:

Great big windows, light wood floors, nude color walls and then touches of light colors and a great rug. To make it even more interesting, add a tree in the corner.

I don’t think you can go wrong with simple or subtle designs. It can still be unique and interesting, and it will also be warm, relaxing and inviting.

A Brick Wall and a Kitchen

I love a clean look. And kitchens are one of the greatest places in the entire house, so why not make it look glorious? Over on Dream Book Design I found just that. This was a kitchen makeover and by the sounds and looks of it, it was quite the process. But it turned out nice and neat and I think just perfect. The thing that drew me in was the spectacular brick wall.

The process of the brick wall was explained in detail from start to finish. Drawing leveled lines across the area and making sure they are equally spaced, apply mortar to the wall so bricks will stick, cutting brick to fit the edges of the wall, let it set for a day, fill the gaps…Whew. I am sure there are a million and one people that could lay brick this beautiful on their own, but I think I would stick with hiring a professional.

The kitchen is beautiful just by itself with the crisp white cabinets, stainless steel appliances, the farmhouse sink and unique faucet, simple island with the stove top, dark wood floors, and granite counter tops. And the brick wall pulls it all together perfectly.

The area through the brick wall doorway is the pantry which also leads to the laundry area. It’s just as clean and neat and beautiful as the kitchen. I really think it’s a great and fresh idea to open it all up. The oven is out of the way, but still easy to get to, and because the stove and oven are separate that probably means there is room for storage under the stove in the island. You can’t have too much storage area.

If you can believe it or not, this is what the kitchen looked like before,

I honestly don’t know if I can. It has to be a different one, right?

This was a great makeover! I still can’t get over the brick wall, I would love one for myself.