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Good Sense

I have found some extremely amazing ideas people have come up with to organize. Some people are really good at organizing all of their stuff, but I also know of some people that can’t do it (on of them being me). It’s so easy to throw your coats and shoes and whatever else in the closet and its also really easy to chuck all your canned goods and peanut butter on the easiest get to shelf. I tend to just push all the old stuff on the shelf back with my new items I just bought. I need to stop doing that. That may be why I lost the vanilla that I really needed and had to go without. This is where these neat ideas come in… Good Great ideas to keep in mind if building a house.

What a handy way to grab your cooking utensils and store your pot and pan lids. The spice rack doesn’t take up much room at all, but it stores plenty. Great hide away for cookie sheets as well. You can keep all your stuff off your counters!


I think this is the greatest idea of all time. I really hate how much room it takes on the counters to dry all your dishes. If there was a hide away cabinet to keep all the drying dishes up and out of the way, I think I would stop complaining. I also love the back splash, stainless steel?


A super stylish way to reach the items on the top shelf or cupboard. And it can easily slide right out of the way. fabulous! The only thing I have to worry about is how often I might stub my toes.


You wont have to buy drawer organizers with these built in divider drawers. Think of how sane you would be just because every utensil would have its own space. Or maybe you don’t go insane like me when I pull open my utensil drawers. If you have really deep drawers and no dividers, I am sure you’ve got my back on this one.

These are great ideas that just make good sense. Thanks to whoever created them, I will forever be grateful and look forward to one day gaining sanity.

No Shower Door!

locker room style

My sister and I were chatting one day about how neat it would be to have a shower with NO shower door. The reason being, because I hate cleaning them. I have a shower door in my home now, and it’s impossible to clean the mildew stains off. It may have something to do with how old it is. There are so many little groves and crevices included with a shower door. Maybe if I had a shower with no glass shower door, I may not be as passionate as I am about it. Or maybe I would, because I still love the look without a shower door. There could be all kinds of ways to make this dream come true. Like for instance, the above picture shows a kind of locker room style shower. I love this idea. I love the tile too. Just throw a shower curtain up to catch the water from spraying the whole bathroom.

How about this style…

half wall shower

No shower curtain or shower door. Win win. Just have a half wall built to block the shower water. Makes for easy easy cleaning. I’m not sure if I have mentioned how hard it is to clean a shower door, but it’s true. Plus doesn’t this look so clean and cheery?


Forget the showers and bring in a tub.

claw foot tub

Light Wood Flooring

Northface House

Light wood flooring! I really think that it brightens a room. Well, that and the natural light. It looks so fresh! Dark wood, although gorgeous, tends to show dust and every tiny crumb. And I’m betting the light wood would keep that look of clean, even though it may be in need of a good sweeping. Maybe this wouldn’t be a good choice for me… I may never sweep.

Who Doesn’t Love Natural Light?

I wish I could have a get away place in the middle of nowhere and there would be no need for curtains on my windows. No noisy neighbors, barking dogs, passing cars, or sirens. I would have great big windows in every single room. I would be one with nature. Kind of. I love natural light this much. I mean, who doesn’t love natural light? With natural light, happiness always follows.


un Loft familial

The skylight windows are my favorite. You could sunbathe right in your living room.

A Stone Path and Screened In Porch

by Smith & Vansant Architects PC

Simplicity is my word for this. That and BEAUTIFUL! Love that the stone path gives the landscape the perfect boost. The screened in porch and the round roof are fabulous! Love the color, the stone, the landscaping, the windows… I think I ran out of things to list. There is not a dislike to list! I think I am ready to move in now.

Stairway(s) to Heaven

I gotta have a great stairway when I get the chance. I just gotta! I may just have to start with a great set of stairs and then build my dream home around them. Stairs are amazing. They give a home character.

There are stairs that float…

Minimalist internal stairs from

4 story Hot Spring Hotel in Japan from

The Gray Hotel, Milan by Florence Architect Guido Ciomp

Stairs that strike interest…

Reclaimed Wood Stairs

diy stairs from

storage stairs from

And then there are stairs that are modern…


found here.